A reborn built environment

We are creating a change to a reborn built environment. A built environment where vacancy, squalor, social unfairness, waste and emissions belong the past. We are doing this by redeveloping obsolete and vacant properties to function-free buildings and areas. This is according to our 3D mission: dynamic, dear and durable. In doing so, we are making 3E impact. A built environment with higher economic, emotional and environmental value.




Easily adaptable to change. Our buildings are legally, technically and smartly adaptable. In doing so, we make economic impact. Buildings with zero vacancy risk, lower transformation costs, a wider market and higher investment value.

Legally adaptable

Anticipating a possible different function also requires flexibility in the zoning plan. Our buildings have a mixed-use zoning plan. This makes it easy to change functions during use from a legal perspective.

Technically adaptable

Our buildings are developed so that they are adaptable and demountable at all times in seven different layers, each with its own (technical) lifetime. These seven layers are based on Stewart Brand's Shearings layers methodology.

Smart adaptable

Our buildings are being developed as smart objects in which technology allows us to read data and monitor and optimize our buildings. In this way, we make them self-learning.




To love and treat with respect. Our buildings are meaningful places by focusing on area, building and user quality. With this, we make emotional impact. Buildings in connection with the city that respond to current and future social welfare needs.

Area Quality

We always implement water, greenery and diversity in the streetscape. A zone plan mixing living, working, healthcare, education and hospitality. This makes the place safe and pleasant to stay. A rich diversity in the urban space.

Building Quality

The dearness of the building is inspired by its history, the story of the building. We develop buildings with classic proportions with a modern twist, where sustainability and art are part of the architecture.

User Quality

We respond to a site's current social needs and can anticipate on future ones. By focusing on quality and health, we address the needs of users who enjoy being in our buildings.




Good for our planet. Our buildings are circular, energy-neutral and nature-inclusive. In doing so, we make ecological impact. Buildings with a low carbon footprint, less consumption of materials, energy and water and also higher biodiversity.


Circularity centers the reuse of materials, energy, water and greenery. This according to the RE: roadmap. From direct reuse (RE:USE), upgrading (RE:FURBISH), recycling (RE:CYCLE) to new demountable products (RE:NEW).

Energy Neutrality

We anticipate on reducing energy demand and clean generation. As a result, our buildings are energy neutral with the goal of becoming energy supplying. In doing so, we more than meet the BENG new construction standards.


With biodiversity, we put greening the city and encouraging life at the center of our projects. We do this by adding local plantings in, on and to our buildings and providing space for nature.

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