The Satellite

In a previous life, the Satellite was part of the headquarters of De Nederlandsche Bank. The building was to be demolished during redevelopment. RE:BORN purchased the building, with the goal of accelerating the transition to a circular economy and preventing value destruction of materials.

8,000 m2 of building was dismantled in separate elements and transported by electric boats to a circular hub. The goal is to reassemble the building according to the RE:BORN DNA into a new building. For this purpose, various locations have presented themselves, and the Satellite will eventually land at one or more locations with social significance.

With this, we save about 60 percent on CO2 emissions. Additionally, it is our intention to also deliver this building as energy-neutral. Moreover, we want to give the Amsterdam Icon a recognizable, yet entirely fresh and new appearance.

The building also has a function-free construction. That means we can use it over time in different ways, such as living, working and for health care purposes.