Villa Verde

In consultation with the Municipality of Harderwijk, we began looking for new housing locations to provide elderly care in 2017. A search that led to the purchase of three outdated office buildings that few saw a future in.

The buildings were affectionately called “the fifty shades of gray” by the team. We connected the three buildings into one. We put an end to the vacancy and gave the whole project a much more pleasant look befitting the neighborhood.

Most of the original structure was retained and the remaining materials were harvested rather than demolished. Energy generation is done through PVT panels on the roof and an advanced heat-cold storage system.

The building can continuously adapt to new functions. The building can easily be converted into spaces to live, work or stay. This is secured both legally, in the zoning plan, and technically, through dry connections.

Firstly, it has been set up as a contemporary residential care complex, Villa Verde, for 54 residents of Zorggroep Noordwest-Veluwe (ZNWV) with either a light or heavy care indication. The building was eventually sold to investor Bouwinvest.