In 2018, we stumbled upon an outdated, identity-less office building in The Hague’s beloved Zeeheldenkwartier. This building, formerly an embassy and office for the municipality of The Hague, was ready for a new phase of life.

What was once neglected real estate is now a boost for the entire neighborhood. The building itself has been given a new identity; it now forms a harmonious transition between modern and classical architectural styles.

By reusing the existing structure, CO2 emissions have been reduced by approximately 40%. Walden is now an all-electric building, transformed from energy label C to A+++. Power is generated by PVT panels, making it nearly energy-neutral.

The office zoning plan has been expanded to include both lodging and residential purposes. The apartments can be converted into regular homes whenever needed, this gives maximal flexibility for the future. The 30 apartments are operated by Bizstay. The building is in our own investment portfolio.